British wool and proud

British wool is stylish, warm and hard wearing.

We use British spinners of the finest quality, pure British wool. Our original colour palette has been developed over several years and takes inspiration from the rugged beautiful landscape that surrounds the Saddleworth Moor premises in the heart of the Pennines from where we buy our wool.

We use licensed spinners of British wool, renowned for its durability and handle who work in partnership with some of the major wool houses of the world to formulate blends through our extensive knowledge of wool buying (ensuring the correct micron, fibre length and crimp at all time). These firm foundations ensure that quality continuity is maintained at all times.

Our raw material suppliers, fabulous British sheep, are grown and reared naturally upon the fells and downs of the British countryside.

Each sheep is sheared once every year. Shearing is a skill carried out by hand using time honoured methods developed over hundreds of years to ensure ultimate safety for the sheep.

Each fleece are chosen by experienced wool sorters to select wool at the correct length, colour and fibre thickness for worsted wool spinning which requires only the best quality of wool.

Finally prior to spinning the wool is scoured- this operation uses water and light detergent to “wash” the wool, removing oils (lanolin), dirt, vegetable matter, short and dead fibres, leaving only the fine yarns that we use.

We have Aran style sweaters for men and women, roll necks for men only, and scarves and snoods for us all.

Women`s sizes are S, M, L and men`s are M, L, XL.

Little known facts- we have been wearing wool as a protective garment base since the Stone Age.

Wool is a natural insulator becomes it can absorb up to its own weight in moisture and then release it back into the atmosphere as the weather changes.

The first known rules on keeping wool pure appear in the Old Testament- Deuteronomy

If we were to spin the fleece of one sheep into a single yarn it would stretch for 125 miles.

The world record for shearing a sheep is under 40 seconds.