Merino – the most luxury fibre from John Partridge

Merino is the softest sheep wool you can buy- it was once the most expensive fibre in the world- now we can all bask in its fabulous feel and luxurious long lasting style.

Merino is the finest sheep`s wool you can buy-many, including us think it is a more luxurious and longer lasting classic than cashmere.

It breathes easily, it keeps its shape, and best of all it is resistant to pilling- even the best cashmere cannot say that. So maybe, just maybe, you should start a trend- buy the best, not what others think is the best.

Our knitwear was designed with today`s customer in mind. Our knitwear has always been made with traditional methods of spinning the wool and knitting the garment in British mills. Ours are made in our own Staffordshire mill, and then wet finished in Leicester. Wet finishing is where the finished garment is partially washed in specially softened water and the wet pressed to work in the final soft finish.

Our crew neck will become your essential garment for any wardrobe- any season, any look.
Women`s sizes are S, M, L and men`s are M, L, XL.

Little known fact- Merino wool- once worth more than gold- the first Royal wool. Merino sheep were once only allowed to be kept in the King of Spain's Royal flock, the prized wool was so soft, so durable, so very special.
If anyone other than the King dared to wear Merino they were sentenced to death.
Luckily for us times have changed a little- although wearing poor quality merino ought to be a capital offence- no worries with these though- simply the best.
Merino is still the world`s finest sheep wool- for many it is the finest yarn, not as soft as cashmere, but so much better to live with. And of course so much cashmere today is a poor copy of yesteryears special fabrics- why not buy the best you can get.
It breathes easily, it keeps its shape, and best of all it is resistant to pilling.
We bring you the finest Merino, from the original Royal Spanish flock, and we have had it spun to a superfine yarn that is then knitted right here by our own team- led by Adrian Cervantes, who is of course Spanish.
It is the perfect all year round garment.