Shetland wool - a rare breed

Shetland sheep are different.

They are the tough and wiry characters of the sheep world.

They are also the most difficult to catch- they are agile, able to turn quickly and have great speed. It`s amazing there is any wool to make sweaters at all.

Shetland wool is strongly connected with its roots in the Shetland landscape.

Shetland sheep maintain their connection with the traditional crofting lifestyle of Shetland, which has kept the breed going for hundreds of years, and with the knitting styles which exploit the wonderful crafting opportunities offered by its distinctive wool.

Shetland wool is strong- not a luxury wool like Merino, a distinctive airy wool that needs specialised knitting and especially finishing.

We brush our Shetland wool after the garment is made and then we wash each piece and then brush them again.

The fleece of the Shetland sheep – resilient, soft, bouncy, light, and warm – is the foundation for outstanding textiles which have made Shetland famous the world over.

We have taken the classic Shetland and given it a mariner’s twist- sharp fitting it looks great in the country, at sea or in the pub.
Women`s sizes are S, M, L and men`s are M, L, XL.

Little known facts- Shetland sheep were probably brought to the islands by the Vikings, and Shetland sweaters look good on Shetland ponies.

The first humans to climb Everest were wearing Shetland wool sweaters. Not just because they wanted to look good but because it is the perfect insulation material.

Originally Shetland wool was undyed as the sheep grow naturally in different colours- there are eleven recognised different colours of Shetland sheep.