Welcome to John Partridge.

At John Partridge we make clothing that cossets and protects. We are a company that uses traditional British craftsmanship; that combines natural fabrics to provide perfect details. Our styling is both classic and contemporary, evolved over time and experience.
John Partridge has recently been brought back to life with a mission to create British made country clothing; manufactured and sourced in our original roots of Staffordshire.
We want to provide the very best iconic British garments inspired by the spirit of the 1960’s lifestyle, with particular interest towards traditional sporting events including classic car racing and women’s equestrianism.Our products are growing to cover a complete collection of clothing and accessories including leather goods Made in England. It is John Partridge's aim to help you rediscover your British spirit: we offer luxury, style and comfort in clothing.                            

"For those who appreciate the difference.”

Welcome to our new site, please enjoy.