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Waxed Cotton Dressing


A waxed cotton dressing, essential to keep your wax products cared for and retain a traditional wax appearance.

200ml tin


How often you re-wax your jackets depend on how often your jacket is worn, for regular use, it is recommended re-waxing once per year.

You will require a pan of hot water and a soft cloth or sponge.

1. Brush off any dirt or grit
2. Sponge down with cold water
3. Do not use soap or detergents
4. Do not machine wash, do not dry clean, do not iron, do not tumble
5. Choose a warm room or outside on a hot day
6. Stand the tin of wax in hot water to soften the dressing
7. Always test on a small patch before applying to the whole jacket. Work the dressing well into the garment using the cloth or sponge
8. Pay attention to seams, creases and dry patches
9. Rub in well, don’t paint it on
10. Do not use excess dressing
11. For a “factory” finish, blow evenly with a hairdryer (hold at a good distance from garment)
12. Hang the garment overnight in a warm place

Waxed Cotton Dressing

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