About Us


Our Brand

John Partridge’s authentic heritage and strong brand values started half a century ago in 1969. Originally called ‘Landowner’ our company grew out of a farm market supplies business; farmers past and present can attest that John Partridge means value for money, well made, great fabrics, comfortable fit and made for the long term.
Influenced by farm and English country life, John Partridge’s core values include products that are skilfully handcrafted to be passed from generation to generation. We design for longevity. We believe that form must follow function, that function must offer the greatest comfort, and that comfort reflects a certain character, a certain style. The fabrics we use feel better as each day goes by, aided by traditional manufacturing methods where quality is a matter of pride, not numbers.
From the beginning John Partridge has always been committed to building a relationship with our customers and creating a strong, growing community.  Whilst continuing to create high quality products for men and women, we are developing ranges to suit from house to hound. The English Country Lifestyle would not be complete without our four legged friends and as such we are proud to welcome Partridge & Pooch. 
Today the Landowner name is still prevalent in our iconic Landowner jacket which we have reworked in many different colours and finishes to suit the wearers personality and individual flair. We like to honour tradition here at John Partridge so will continue to produce this classic style in its many variations for many years to come.
We are a skilled team who pride ourselves on quality that will last our customers a lifetime, constantly improving and looking better with age. Our focus is on ethically sourced, practical products that are built to last. Made in our own UK factory with devotion and years of experience, we make sure we only work with the absolute best in the business. We are very proud to say that the roots of John Partridge have always sat right in the heart of Staffordshire, England.

Our Philosophy

You do not need to be English to love English style. The towns and countryside of England are suffused with the mystery and drama of over two thousand years of history. A cosmopolitan mix of people, a green and pleasant land, a complex and often tortuous pattern of weather. All of this brings a certain look, engaged with a certain patina of age, a certain character, a certain style. English style. This, alongside good design, quality craftsmanship and simple detailing makes who we are.
We are passionate about maintaining and developing a strong brand that has real affinity and connection with its customers. We believe the same as we did in 1969, which is that the best way to make customers happy is to make the best product possible. Our customers are our best advert, wearing and promoting our products for the past 50 years and counting, which is why we have such a strong focus on our customer relationships.
All of our products are designed, tested and produced here in Staffordshire. John Partridge’s design philosophy is to create products that fit well into town and country, contemporary or classic, on the farm or in the woods, making them extremely versatile. We strive to deliver products that are made to look better with age. There are no old John Partridge jackets, just ones that are looking for a new life. 
We source as many of our materials as possible from the best British manufacturers, many of the ones we use have been in business for over 100 years. They are at the top of their game, with centuries of knowledge behind them. We are incredibly proud to be able to work with them. 

Who makes John Partridge?

We strongly believe in British Manufacturing, which is why we design and manufacture here in Staffordshire. It gives us more control, more precision, and more responsibility meaning that we can deliver products that we know have been made to the very best quality. 
We have an extremely loyal team of skilled artisans who care about their work, our brand and our customers. Without our fantastic team and their care and attention to detail, John Partridge wouldn’t be the brand it is today.
Of course we use sewing machines but the skills required to make a John Partridge are developed over a lifetime. We are proud to have one of the finest workshops in England to develop and manufacture our products. 
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