Quality Craftsmanship | Why we choose 'Made in England'

Made in England


To us, British manufacturing is especially important. With a rich heritage of craftsmanship the UK was traditionally a leader and at the forefront of high quality manufacturing  - be it cars, clothing or metalworks. However, in the last few decades there have been a lot of challenges to overcome; from cheaper alternatives overseas, to a lack of requisite skills in the domestic market or availability of auxiliary support services and so on. Within the fashion industry this has been particularly evident, which has also been exacerbated by the rise of ‘fast fashion’.  
Remaining true to our heritage has always been important to us at John Partridge and in recent years we have really focused on showcasing our craftsmanship and artisan knowledge that's been finely tuned over the past 50 years. 
Instead of churning out throwaway pieces that some fashion brands make, we at John Partridge want our customers to invest in their garment and the company’s morals alongside us. We want to share the story of how we have crafted their garment - the time, effort, skills, history, care and consideration that is put towards every product at every stage.
Finer details matter to us and our customers. Details such as including every person’s name involved in the making of each garment on a label stitched inside. 
We heartily believe and support slow fashion - quality should not be rushed.
The support for affordable British made clothing is overwhelming and we appreciate those that choose to invest their time, effort and money with us. We like to think that we are showing that a quality, handcrafted and hand finished garment is stylish, affordable and most importantly, is helping to revive and recover an important history of British manufacturing.  Today we are so happy to see more and more British made products across the fashion industry and customers caring about quality craftsmanship and sustainability.
John Partridge is fortunate enough to have our own UK factory. Our British made collections are crafted by our devoted team in Staffordshire who work tirelessly to ensure each product is finished to perfection. Being able to watch the process from start to finish, working closely with our machinists and technicians makes us feel so lucky! 
We would like to thank and show our appreciation to those that are continuing or beginning their journey of supporting British manufacturing and craftsmanship. Your support means so much to all of us here at John Partridge. By supporting UK made brands you are helping create a change in the UK Fashion industry and utilising some of the best craftspeople the world has to offer.
We have selected a few of our top British made products in honour of this week's celebration. All our British made items are highlighted on each product page. For any other information about how your John Partridge item has been made or if you just want to chat about British manufacturing, please get in touch.
the landowner


One of our most iconic styles, the Landowner waxed jacket is regularly in production at our Staffordshire factory. From the classic Sage 8oz wax to our statement Green Camo wax, the processes involved in creating the Landowner are to be admired. Our fabric, sourced from the renowned Halley Stevensons, is made in Scotland then transformed at our factory. Working with waxed cotton demands experience and skill and luckily for us, we have been working with this fabric for over 50 years... 




Based on the original Partridge quilt from 1969, the Moorland is made using British quilted fabric sourced locally. We then construct the jacket in-house at our factory from start to finish. From cutting, sewing to embroidering - everything is done under one roof!  




The classic Lowland Shooting jacket is one of our more technical jackets to create. Featuring an action back body and articulated sleeve the Lowland is engineered for comfort and movement with country lifestyle in mind. Ensuring this style has everything required was crucial in the development stages. From being waterproof using sealed seam drop liner's to ensuring it remains breathable, well considered design is a must. Today our team are experts at making this style and we love seeing it in production.