Where are you based?

Our Studio, Factory and Factory Shop are all based in the heart of Staffordshire, proudly celebrating being a part of the creative county.

Are your products made in the UK?

Sustainably designed, sourced and ethically made. We strive to manufacture all of our garments in England where possible. Everything we sell is lovingly hand finished in our own UK factory.


Do I need an account to shop online?

No, you can shop with us via our guest checkout without having to set up an account, or you can register by clicking here.

What are the delivery charges?

Please see our delivery information on our Delivery & Returns page.

Do you offer next day delivery?

Unfortunately, this is not something we can offer at the moment. However, we do endeavour to ship out your order on the same day, so you can normally expect your parcel between 3-5 working days to mainland UK, please see our Delivery page for information on other countries.

Can I return my order for an exchange?

Of course, just complete the form attached to the invoice and circle the exchange option.

How do I track my order?

You will be sent a tracking number once your order has been dispatched, please follow the instructions on the email on how to track your order.

Can I change or cancel my order?

If you change your mind after completing an order, just send us an Email: sales@johnpartridge.com or Phone: 01902 711 823 option 3 (Mon-Fri 11am-5pm) and we will do our best to amend or cancel your order if it has not already been processed.

How do I return my item?

Please see our Returns page for information on returning your purchase.

My order has arrived but items are missing?

Please get in touch with our Customer Service Team as soon as you notice something is missing and we will endeavour to sort the problem out as soon as possible. Email: sales@johnpartridge.com or Phone: 01902 711 823 option 3 (Mon-Fri 11am-5pm)

What if an item I have received is faulty?

Please get in touch with our Customer Service Team Email: sales@johnpartridge.com or Phone: 01902 711 823 option 3 (Mon-Fri 11am-5pm), who will advise you on how to process a faulty claim. You have up 30 days from the purchase date to get a refund, and up until 6 months from the purchase date to claim a repair or replacement for a faulty item.



How do I clean my waxed jacket?

Please see our Product Care page for instructions on how to clean your waxed jacket.

Can you wash a waxed jacket?

No, we do not recommend putting your waxed jacket in the wash unless you want to get rid of the wax coating! There are better ways of cleaning your wax jacket, please see our Product Care page for more details or get in touch if you have any further questions.

Are waxed jackets waterproof?

The properties of waxed cotton means that the fabric itself is extremely water resistant and will repel water with ease. However, the jackets are not completely waterproof, in heavy downpours water can come in through seams if they do not have a lot of wax on them. If you get your jacket re-waxed often this will maintain the water resistant properties.

What does it mean to ‘re-wax’ a John Partridge jacket?

Re-waxing is the process of adding a new layer of wax to the outer fabric of your waxed jacket, this keeps your jacket looking new and makes sure all of the properties of waxed fabric. You can do this yourself, please see our step by step guide here

How often do I need to get my jacket re-waxed?

It depends on how much you wear your waxed jacket, but to ensure the wax coating is maintained we would recommend re-waxing your jacket every year to make sure it keeps its water resistant qualities.

How long does a waxed jacket last for?

Waxed jackets can last you a lifetime if well maintained and looked after correctly. Please see our Product Care page for more information on how to prolong the life of your jacket.

How should I store my waxed jacket?

We recommend that you hang your waxed jacket in a cool dry place.

Where does your wax fabric come from?

Sourced in the UK, we buy all of our waxed cottons from premium mills in Scotland, such as Halley Stevensons.

What is the difference between your lightweight and classic wax jacket?

Our lightweight jackets use a ‘thinner’ waxed cotton fabric, they are more comfortable to wear in warmer weather, with all the functional benefits of our classic wax. Our lightweight jackets still offer similar protection from the wind and the rain.

What does ‘quilted jacket’ mean?

A quilted jacket is a style of jacket that combines at least two layers of fabric, it can be one layer of outer fabric stitched together with a layer of polyester wadding or the polyester wadding can be sandwiched between two layers of fabric. Quilting refers to the stitching detail that attaches the layers together. This can be decorative or straight, we tend to use a traditional diamond quilt pattern as this is a classic look. John Partridge works closely with quilting plants in the UK, please see Sunbeam Quilting for more information on how our quilting is created.

What is a shooting jacket?

Traditionally worn for hunting, clay shooting and other shooting sports, this is a jacket designed to be functional when shooting. Typical features include an action back and longer articulated sleeves to allow more swivel and movement out on the field, please see our Shooting Jackets

Do you offer a repair service?

Yes, if you have an item that needs repairing, please get in touch with our Customer Service Team. Please provide photographs so we can review the repair, there will be charge dependent on the work that is required.

If you have had the item for under 6 months of purchase and you believe it to be faulty, please enquire about a faulty claim. Email: sales@johnpartridge.com Phone: 01902 711 823 option 3 (Mon-Fri 11am-5pm)

If I have a specific question about a product, who should I contact?

Whether it’s advice on material or sizing specifics you need please contact our Customer Service Team who will do their best to help you with your questions. Email: sales@johnpartridge.com Phone: 01902 711 823 option 3 (Mon-Fri 11am-5pm) or use the Live Chat function on our website

How do I find a certain product on your website?

Please use the search toolbar to find a product, use keywords/colours this will help narrow down your search. If you know the name of the product please use this 

What if I want to order something that is sold out online?

During busy periods we may sell out of particular sizes, in which case we will try to restock as soon as possible. With seasonal collections we don’t always restock these items. If you get in touch with our Customer Service Team we can advise you on if we will be restocking this item. Email: sales@johnpartridge.com Phone: 01902 711 823 (option 3) (Mon-Fri 11am-5pm) or use the Live Chat function on our website

Do you have a shop?

We have recently opened up a Factory Shop in Wolverhampton. We are open Mon - Fri 11am - 5pm and the last Saturday of every month, 11am-3pm.

Please see the Visit Us page for more details on where we are and our opening times. 

If you have any other questions don't hesitate to get in touch with us at sales@johnpartridge.com or give us a call on 01902 711 823 option 3 (Mon-Fri 11am-5pm). Alternatively you can contact us via social media @johnpartridgeco or on our Live Chat on our website.