Nearly A Million - John Partridge is Back

Nearly A Million- John Partridge Are Back


John Partridge has recently been bought back to life after being taken over by new owners in September 2012. We would like to thank all our customers for sticking by us.

John Partridge is a genuine British country lifestyle brand with a vision to present the very best iconic British products in a way that captures the spirit of the 1960’s. John Partridge has been making the best of country clothing since 1969 using the finest materials and ensuring the most exquisite detail and care is taken in the preparation of our products.

Our inspiration for women is the love of the equestrian life, whilst for men it is the power of the motor car - ideally a classic car from the 1960's - whether Aston or Ferrari. Our new collection highlighting this will be available from September.

John Partridge  have a  mission to create the best of British made country clothing manufactured and sourced in their original roots of Staffordshire. The aim is to manufacture 80% of the company’s products locally, only using overseas manufacturing for exceptional reasons.

We are nearing one million jackets sold in our lifetime and because they are well made most are still in use. The company would love to keep its customers updated in our events; including our new collections, promotions and offers. Also John Partridge is now on Facebook, Twitter and has a weekly newsletter on our homepage which you are more than welcome to subscribe to.