An interview with Blythe House Farm

Down the winding country lanes of Hamstall Ridware, home to plenty of wonderful country landscapes and a fair few horses and cows too. You will find the John Partridge offices, if you hadn't already guessed we’re big fans of the countryside so what better place to work then a little family run farm called Blythe House Farm. Blythe House Farm is owned by George Astley who has lived here in Hamstall Ridware since he was young, back when his grandparents ran the farm.
We sat down with George for a cuppa and a chat to talk about his life on the farm and his plans for the future.
 So George, tell us a little history about Blythe House Farm?
G: Well I've grown up here since I was very young, and used to live on the farm when my grandparents managed it. When I returned from school in 1971 I began farming and took over the family farm after my grandparents passed away. With a family history very focused around farming, I was always interested in carrying on the family tradition from a young age and knew it was something I was going to do when I grew up.
 What would you describe as the best part of being a farmer and running Blythe House Farm?
G: Well I think the best part has to be the fact I get to spend so much time outdoors enjoying the countryside.
We bet it doesn't feel like a job at all! Would you say your Farm has changed a lot since you were younger?
G: Oh yes definitely, when I was younger the farm was very much about milking cows and growing crops, now it’s diversified a lot and we have come very far and developed a lot from where we were.
Like the expansion of the farm and the introduction of the offices? You have quite a variety of different companies at Blythe House Farm now, what’s your reasoning behind introducing office space?
 G: Well I first thought of introducing the offices, with the start of the down turn of milk, the government were pushing farmers to diverse and expand, so I began developing this area into office space to diversify and develop other areas as well as farming.
You have quite a wide variety of different business at Blythe House Farm, from us at John Partridge, to JVC Motors a classic car renovators and even an Art Gallery ‘Ridware Arts’. Do you think it’s important to support local business?
 G: Yes definitely that why we hold our open day every year (Blythe House Farm have been holding an open day for the last three years) We like to help promote our local businesses so welcome our companies on Blythe House Farm and those nearby to join in with activities and help to provide a fun day out for the public.
This sounds like a great idea and lots of fun, this year’s open day is this Sunday 15th September, what can we expect from the day?
G: Yes lots of great things are happening this Sunday including a classic car show by Bentley Drivers Club, a selection of birds of prey and of course this would be complete without a nice cold glass of beer from our local ‘Blythe Brewery’. Also the day’s proceeds will also be going to our charity Canine Partners so the day will be lots of fun and for a great cause.
Well sounds like its set to be a great day and us at John Partridge are definitely pleased to be involved.
Take a look at the photos below from last years Blythe House Farm open day.  

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