International Womens Day | Verona Ryan

You may wonder what International Women’s Day has to do with a British country clothing company and why we are actively promoting IWD. John Partridge is a British manufacturer established back in 1969. Our team is built up of a diverse range of individuals from all backgrounds and walks of life. The women that make up this team have played a huge part in the success of the John Partridge brand, from Kim Clarkson our director, to our hugely important factory team.


This year the spotlight on International Women’s Day has been given to our shop manager Verona Ryan.


Verona started with the company 27 years ago as an admin executive in the repair department and soon moved into a more hands on role, as the head of re-waxing and repairs. Verona soon developed an appetite for customer service and later moved into a customer facing role in our Factory Shop.


Verona was a favourite amongst the John Partridge customer base and built a strong bond with some of our most loyal customers including Michael Fabricant, Baroness Shackleton and Pinky Le Grelle.


Verona’s passion for John Partridge began to spread down the generation and her daughter Dannii and son Tom also worked for the company.


Verona has many memories of her time working at John Partridge, but her most prominent memory was welcoming Princess Anne to the Rugeley Factory (she remembers the toilets had to be upgraded for her visit - just in case!)


Verona has been a key player in the success of John Partridge and has worked across a variety of areas from photoshoots, where she was asked to model, to becoming a top seller for the Partridge brand. Verona continues to be a favourite with all of our customers and has unlimited knowledge on all our products, and is a re-waxing expert.


International Womens Day  


Whilst working for John Partridge has taken over a large proportion of Verona’s working life, in her free time she also enjoys being an active member of the W.I., crafting and selling her wares at car boots and is an enthusiastic volunteer at St Giles.


Verona is notorious around Rugeley and truly is a force to be reckoned with. So thank you Verona for all of the hard work over the past 27 years and for helping shape John Partridge into the company it is today.


International Womens Day