5 Modern Ways to Style Our Unisex Knitwear

At John Partridge, we have a range of country clothing knitwear that can be worn in so many ways. The products are unisex, so anyone can wear them in just about any situation. There’s something truly diverse about these items that makes them a must-have for your wardrobe. Today, our expert team will walk you through five very modern ways to style our unisex knitwear, helping you get the most out of it. 

Go casual with denim jeans

man wearing merino wool jumper

Country clothing knitwear pairs perfectly with some denim jeans to create a cosy yet casual look. We recommend opting for something like the Merino Crew Neck Jumper in a colour of your choice. It gives the casual vibes you’re hoping for, and we think the Oatmeal or Seafoam variants go extremely well with some denim jeans. 
Breton stripe jumper
At the same time, the Breton Stripe Sweatshirt is a great shout for a relaxed look. It offers a slightly tighter fit than the other jumper, but both pair well with jeans and a plain t-shirt. In fact, you don’t even need a top underneath if you’re feeling too hot - the choice is entirely yours. 
Our team suggests putting on some casual trainers or shoes to complete the look. It’s the type of outfit both men and women can wear whenever they like. Play around with the sizing as well until you find one that feels right. Again, our team likes these jumpers in the bigger size, so they are more relaxed rather than super tight. 
Now, you’re ready to tackle whatever the day has planned for you. This outfit is ideal for going shopping, meeting friends or taking your kids to see a football match - it’s completely up to you. If you’re looking for a casual way to style our unisex knitwear, then look no further than this suggestion. 

Pair a crew neck jumper with a collared shirt

We absolutely love the idea of taking our knitwear and pairing it with a collared shirt or blouse. In our opinion, this elevates the product and makes it seem a little bit more stylish. It’s a really good way of taking a casual outfit and giving it an extra touch of class. See the outfit idea above, but now put a collared shirt on under the jumper. Immediately, you look like you mean business. You’re slightly more formal, meaning you have a brilliant outfit for other scenarios. 
Here, you can wear this to work if you’re trying to go for the smart-casual vibes. Alternatively, it’s a wonderful outfit for a lunch date or dinner at a nice restaurant. Effectively, you’ve nailed the art of looking smart without being too smart. At the same time, you retain an element of casualness that means you’re never in danger of looking overdressed. 
Woman wearing light brown jumper Man wearing light brown jumper
As far as specific products go, we’re big fans of the Ombre Eco Crew Neck or the Diamond Panel Crew Neck jumpers. We believe that the cut of the neck here lends itself to collars really well. You can keep the collar tucked in under the jumper, or you could wear it on the outside - it depends on what level of smartness you want to produce. 
Woman wearing dark knitted jumperMan wearing dark knitted jumper
When it comes to completing the look, your shirt is a big priority. A plain-coloured shirt works very well, just make sure it goes with the colour of your jumper. White shirts are always a safe bet, but we especially like the idea of a light blue shirt. We think it matches up well with a lot of the country clothing knitwear on our site while offering a slightly more formal look.
Denim jeans are still a good bet here if you’re going out and about. Those of you that want to wear this to the office may want to switch it up and opt for chinos or slightly smarter trousers. For women, this look is excellent when worn with some leather trousers and boots. 

Opt for the oversized cosy look 

One of the great things about our country clothing knitwear is that it’s super comfortable and cosy. Every product will keep you warm because it's made from a lambswool blend that retains a lot of heat. Consequently, you can buy something that will keep you nice and toasty during the winter months - particularly if you’re trying to save energy at home. 
Woman wearing oversized jumper
There’s no better product than our Oversized Crew Neck Jumper for this idea. Naturally, we’ve designed this piece to be on the larger side of things. It offers a truly relaxed fit that can envelop you and wrap you up nice and warmly. Our team always suggests going one size above your usual to get the full effect. The whole purpose of this style is to create the most comfortable and cosy outfit you can find. So, you want the jumper to genuinely feel oversized and big. 
The effect is always going to be greater on women because they’re naturally smaller. Still, an oversized jumper looks very good on men too. How do you complete the look? While you can definitely wear an oversized jumper out with some jeans, we want to tone things down and go full-on cosy here. Instead, pair it with some soft joggers or sweatpants that you can wear around the home. Get your thick slippers or socks on as well, and you’re ready for what the winter throws at you. 

Turn your oversized jumper into a dress

Sticking with our oversized jumper, you can take it in a completely new direction. Any woman out there that wants a cosy dress yet doesn’t want to buy two different items can get a bit creative. Purchase our oversized jumper and ensure that it’s big enough to travel down your thighs, sitting just above the knees. Just like that, you’ve got a jumper that doubles up as a dress. 
It’s so easy to accessorise knitwear to turn it from one product into a new one. Pair your oversized jumper with a slim belt around your waist. This tightens it around your stomach, creating a more dress-like appearance right away. Put on some thick tights or leggings and you’ve basically completed the look already. Add some heels or fancy shoes into the mix and it’s an outfit you can wear out to impress your friends. 
The beauty of taking a piece of knitwear and turning it into a dress is that you make your wardrobe go further. You aren’t spending money on a dress that you’re unlikely to wear that often. Instead, you’ve got a lovely jumper that can be worn around the house or out and about as you please. At the same time, whenever you need a casual knitwear dress, you’ve got one!

Partner with a jacket for extra warmth

Most people think about wearing country clothing knitwear without a jacket or a coat. After all, you want to make the knitwear stand out and be the centrepiece of the outfit. Realistically, you can genuinely create some powerful looks if you partner your knitwear pieces with the right jackets. 
Here, the idea is to wear a jacket over the knitwear, yet still make the knitwear the main focus of the outfit. Two very good possibilities spring to mind! Firstly, you can wear any of our jumpers with a waistcoat or gilet.
Woman in mustard herringbone jumprMan in mustard herringbone jumpr
Something like the Oakland Wax Gilet, or the Moorland Gilet, is perfect when paired with our Herringbone Crew Neck Jumper. You really want a thick jumper here to keep you warm, but the waistcoat adds some extra style points. It’s a brilliant look for men and women, meaning you can bring some additional style to your outdoor walks. This is the type of outfit you wear while walking your dog through the countryside with some jeans and wellington boots. 
The second possibility is to wear one of our Hooded Sweatshirts underneath a jacket. Items like the Rag Quilted Jacket or the Landowner Bold Wax Walking Jacket are perfect in this situation. Neither of these products has hoods, so your hooded sweatshirt sits beneath the jacket with the hood creeping up outside. You should wear the jacket open to present the gorgeous hoody to the world, and it’s another outdoor walking outfit that’s ideal for cold countryside afternoons or mornings. 

Final Thoughts

As you can see, our unisex country clothing knitwear is extremely versatile. You can pick any item from our range and wear it however you please. With the right accessories, it can be the backbone of a smart outfit worn to work or a casual outfit you wear when doing errands. The diversity is amazing - you can find whatever look you’re going for.
Here at John Partridge, we always strive to provide you with as many options as possible. This is why our unisex knitwear range is so popular. It blends style with comfort to give you a variety of possibilities. Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find it in our online store!