Top 10 Festival Essentials


With Glastonbury just around the corner, we've put together a list of our favourite festival essentials to help make your packaging a little bit easier. 


  1. Jackets

With our unpredictable weather be prepared with one of our John Partridge jackets. We have a great selection to choose from; providing you with both practicality and style. A jacket to keep you warm and shield you from the rain is essential so you can enjoy yourself without feeling the cold


  1. Knitwear

We all know the weather is rarely on our side so knitwear is a perfect way of staying warm and stylish at the same time. Our John Partridge Cable knit jumpers are made from 100% Wool so you will stay cosy and warm around the campfire. Our knitwear is priced at £49.99; so come to our factory shop to try one on for size or look on the John partridge website.


  1. Wellies

Wellies are iconic festival style; your look wouldn't be complete without a pair of classic wellies for a finishing touch and let’s not forget they’re pretty practical too. Even though a festival can seem like a holiday at times. Remember, we are in the U.K. So, when the heavens do open you need to be prepared and ready to fight back to avoid soggy muddy feet. These Century Wellies are available at our John Partridge Factory shop in Rugeley and with prices as good as £49.99- £59.99 it leaves you with plenty of spare cash to enjoy yourself!


  1. Scarf

If our UK weather is anything to go by you might want to pack yourself a scarf to make sure you stay warm over your festival break. Our Lamb’s wool  scarves come in a variety of great colours and checks guaranteeing you’re warm and stylish, meaning you can forget about fighting the cold and enjoy your favourite act.


  1. Bag

You will need a good, strong and light weight bag for all your festival gear. Most of the day you'll be away from your campsite so you need a bag to store all your camping kit (clothes, torch, camera) whilst your gone. John Partridge supplies a great camping bag which will keep all your essentials dry and safe, and as it is cotton based, it could always double up as a pillow! John Partridge Overnight bags come in a great range of colours and can be found at our factory shop in Rugeley.


  1. Camera

Cameras are great for capturing the memories you will gather from your festival break. From pictures of your favorite artists, to a picture of your best friend drinking beer from their muddy wellies, it definitely deserves a place in our top 10. We advise you to get a good strap for your camera as they can be easy to lose or drop in busy crowded places. 


  1. BBQ

The queues and prices for food at festivals can be sky high so bringing along a portable BBQ can save you around £25 on your food bill! They are light weight and easy to get going. Bring out you inner Gordon Ramsey and cook up some festival delights!


  1. Pop up beer glass

At the end of a busy and hectic day you'll enjoy relaxing around the campfire whilst maybe singing a few camp songs with a refreshing drink by your side. The last thing you want to drink from is bottles and cans which have been resting on the muddy ground all day. We have found a great pop up, plastic pint cup, which can fold up with a depth of only a few centimeters, perfect for packing!


  1. Picnic Blanket

This Cro’Jack Anchor Picnic blanket is ideal for keeping dry and shielding you and your friends from the mud. This black colourful check blanket is really practical for festivals. It can be folded up and secured with leather buckles making it easy to carry round; ensuring you have a clean and mud free place to sit. This blanket is made from 100% wool and comes with a Nylon Waterproof back, meaning it’s easily wiped clean of mud! Visit to grab one for yourself.


  1. Folding chair

We can’t begin to stress the importance of having a clean and comfortable place to sit at festivals. After a busy day finding somewhere to rest your feet is quite a challenge. Camping chairs can cost less than £10 and with a handy cup holder in one arm it can double up as your best friend for the weekend.