British Polo Day: Great Britain

We at John Partridge have been closely following British Polo day and thought we'd share the day’s events with our John Partridge customers, because we think you'll enjoy reading about it as much as we have. 


On the 29th June Great Britain welcomed glorious weather and glamorous people together to celebrate British Polo Day Great Britain 2013. The event was held at Black Bears near Henley- on- Thames to celebrate the joy of the sport, its historical and traditional values.


Polo first began in China long ago but was reinvented in the 19th Century by the British and has now gone on to become a sport enjoyed by a large following all over the world.


British Polo Day explains the importance of the sport by bringing people all over the world together through the joys of Polo, “British Polo Day travels worldwide to continue the tradition of playing high quality polo against friends in host countries”.  This event sees top British teams including the British Exiles, competing against fellow teams in 14 different countries all over the world including Germany, France, India and Dubai. 


The British Polo Day in Great Britain was a great success; raising nearly £70,000 with the highlight of the day being the game between the British Exiles and the Commonwealth team for the British Polo Charity Cup.  The Commonwealth won the title and triumphed over the British Exiles 6-5 becoming the champions.                 


British Polo Day is currently in Germany and can be followed via British Polo Day’s  social media sites for updates and news on the event.




All photos via British Polo Day Facebook