Guest Bloggers: MHCA - Century Dip Tech Wellies Review

We asked our good friends at MHCA: Midlands Hunting & Conservation Alliance if they were up for the challenge of reviewing our Century Dip Tech Wellies. They were more than happy to put our boots through their paces, and see if Century Dip Tech could follow in the muddy footsteps of other well-known Wellies brands out there!
Here's what Neil Adams the founder of MHCA had to say...
Not being a massive fan of the Wellington boot, heightened by many years of cheap ill-fitting Wellies as a child, we jumped at the opportunity from John Partridge to field test the new ‘Dip Tech’ Century Product.
We opted for the more traditional green over the black option as this would be more suitable for our trade at this time of year. After all, you've got to look good whether you’re in the field, at the stable or popping into the local after a nice countryside walk. 

First impression


On unfastening the handles on the bag we were quite impressed.


The first thing we look for in a waterproof boot is for any ripples or overlapping pieces of rubber that are not fully sealed. You just know if you find one of these, you will end up with wet feet sooner rather than later. We were impressed, not an overlap in sight! The clue is in the title ‘Dip Tech’ design! They are dipped in latex to ensure that there are no edges, flaps or potential flaws in the outer layer of the construction.


The Test

 In typical British summer tradition, right after the hottest spell we have had for some time the heavy downpours.


We took this chance to test these beauties on our regular site which just so happens to be on a natural flood plain - so extremely soggy conditions!


Perfect for testing out the main criteria you’re looking out for when buying a new pair of Wellies.


Practicality & Durability 

The main plus point of the dipped technology used means that the thought of your feet getting wet doesn't enter you mind.


During the day we spent plenty of time sitting in awkward positions in the bottom of hedge rows. When kneeling down, I was expecting the reinforced heel support to dig into the back of my leg, but to my surprise (and relief!) the boot flexed in all the right places, still remaining snug at the buckle, stopping any unwanted debris entering the top of the boot.


As the wellie had performed so well, we decided that more stringent tests needed to be done!


It’s the end of July, start of August, our mini heat wave has now ended & rainstorms ensued over the midlands. Many people are not very happy about the rain. Me…? I’m not fazed at all, knowing that I've got these great boots to keep my dry when I’m out & about in knee high wet grass.



When you first put your feet into the boots, you immediately notice the soft sole with enough room to stretch your toes, but still snug enough in the heel to prevent rubbing & blisters.


The soles are manufactured using an orthopedic ‘last’ (which is a wooden template) to ensure that they fit very well.


As we have plenty of kit to carry with us across long grassy fields and slippery or add a, after) muddy footpaths, the cushioned sole was a real bonus. When trekking through the countryside, the deep grooves under your foot provide you with great confidence that the grip is there regardless of what is underfoot!


Style & Fitting 

The pair comes with a metal adjustable buckle on the side of the boot, easily cinched up to close of any gaps allowing you to feel secure in all you do.  As there is no additional seem (due to the fantastic “Dip Tech”) it prevents mud, grass seeds and bugs to become lodged and unsightly.

I had my reservations that my feet would become cold quite quick in the early morning but the insulated sole kept me warm throughout the day.

We had the reassurance when returning home; the antibacterial inner would keep the odor and any nasties at bay.



Overall              96%

Performance    **********

Durability         **********

Comfort           **********

Style                *********

Price                *********



In summary, I thought that these boots performed admirably! We are thankful to John Partridge & Co Ltd for asking us to test out this cracking product.


The whole of the MHCA team tried these on for fun and were impressed by the feel & look of them.


MHCA fully endorse this product and the above review is a true representation of the field tests carried out.


The MHCA team will look towards the Century ‘Dip Tech’ Wellington when we purchase new boots in the future.


 Neil Adams

Founder Of MHCA 


To find out a bit more about what the MHCA guys get up to visit their website