A Partridge Insight: Men's Summer Fashion 2018



Men's Summer Fashion 2018: 

John Partridge caters for that unpredictable British weather, we understand that it can go from humid and sticky to cool evening breeze in an instant especially within the Spring/Summer periods. 

Looking smart yet staying cool can often leave men confused, it's easy to show up to an event looking like you're ready for a day at the beach! Shorts, t-shirts, flip flops. The summer should be seen as a chance to play with new fabrics, styles and colours and challenge your go to cargo shorts and t-shirt look. This is why we've thrown together a guide to help you with your spring/summer fashion. We'll make sure you look smart, keep cool and prepared for the holiday sun. 


At John Partridge we try to keep our fabrics locally sourced and away from synthetic materials, we never over do it on the polyester. This brings us to our first tip of making sure you wear clothes that are made from natural fibres. Not only do natural fibres look better, they are more breathable as a material. Synthetic fibres allow for poor breathing ability. The more natural and lighter in weight the fabric is, the faster it tends to dry. So when the sun is beating down on you it'll be less intense due to those smart choices you made when purchasing your summer clothes. 



Ditch the tie! Looking smart sometimes encourages you to wear a tie, but not when climates are reaching 25-28c. Ties aren’t the be all and end all to achieving a smart look. Why not opt for a polo or oxford shirt? Our oxford shirts are light in colour, we all know dark colours absorb light making it turn into heat, this is why it’s a good idea to wear lighter colours. Make sure you go for the button down shirt and roll up your sleeve option, it's a no-brainer that it'll keep you cooler.On top of this they’re made from non-synthetic materials!


The oxford shift has been a smart wardrobe staple for all types of occasions. If oxford shirts aren’t your go to, then our polo shirts might be a more viable option, not only do they come in an array of preppy colours but the short sleeves and button down top will leave you feeling freer and less restrained.



Jumpers?! The lighter the better, it’s a common misconception with them being associated to those cold crisp winters. A lightweight jumper will keep you covered from UV rays whilst also leaving you cool and looking smart. During the day wrap your jumper around your shoulders, you’ll look handsome, you’ll look sharp. Also, we’re sadly not in the Mediterranean meaning that evenings aren’t as humid and hot as it is in the daytime, it's always good to have the option when the weather get's a little cooler.


Men's Summer Fashion 2018              
Pink Merino Crew Neck £65       Blue Oxford Shirt £30         Navy Chino Shorts £20


Skip the jeans, opt for shorts or chinos. Our chinos are a smart option, especially if you’re sensitive to UV rays, it’s important to stay protected. They're are interchangeable too, you can keep them long or turn the bottoms up, we recommend 2-3 times and an inch in width (don’t turn your chinos into three quarter length, it’s not a good look!). Stay cool and show onlookers that you have given some thought into your appearance, it’s the attention to detail that matters. 

If you can’t think of anything worse than wearing long trousers in blistering heat then our range of shorts might be the ticket for you. The general rule of thumb for summer wear is anything about 3 inches from the knee is too short  (you might be stepping into gym territory). Pairing your shorts with a polo shirt or a dress shirt will give you that sophisticated edge and takes you away from your back garden attire of shorts and t-shirts.

See our range of Summer clothing here. We’re always around for a quick question so don’t hesitate. Be a part of the Partridge family this summer.