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Did you know...

For over 50 years John Partridge has been using waxed cotton.

From the heavyweight traditional beeswax and linseed wax that left a coating on your hand to modern hybrid’s and new technologies. It’s safe to say a fair share of waxed cotton has travelled through our factory doors. 

But we have never really talked about where we actually get our waxed cotton from.  We have used many wonderful suppliers throughout the years and have built up a special relationship with the world renowned Scottish manufacturer, Halley Stevensons.


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Who is Halley Stevensons?

Established in 1864

Since 1864, Halley Stevensons have become the 'world’s leading manufacturers and innovators in waxed and weatherproofed fabrics.'

'With over a 150 years of experience, we create many thousands of meters of waxed cotton every year, with each roll produced to custom specifications. The beauty of waxed cotton is its durability and longevity, it is built to last.'

- halleystevensons.co.uk

Halley Stevensons factory archive


Made in Dundee, Scotland

More than just a fabric manufacturer, Halley's lives and breathes the Scottish heritage and ancestry of waxed cotton. From the Baltic Works factory in Dundee, Scotland Halley’s produce the highest quality waxed cotton specialising in both traditional methods and innovative new technologies.

The concept of waxed cotton was originally developed in the early 15th century by sailors. Scottish North Sea herring fleets operating from east coast ports began treating flax sailcloth with fish oils and grease in an attempt to water proof their sails. The east coast Scottish textile manufacturers, many of who had their own fleets of sailing ships, would bring in linen and flax from the Baltic’s, hence our “Baltic Works”.

- halleystevensons.co.uk


Dundee, Scotland

Innovation and Sustainability

Halley's are always leading the way with innovative techniques plus they regularly build bespoke machinery to produce specialist fabric you can't get anywhere else.

Halley's use 'responsibly sourced cotton combined with low impact manufacturing to help make waxed cotton a sustainable choice. Garments can be proofed to keep up performance and protection levels, ensuring they last for many years.'

Waxes and oils are naturally occurring substances found in leaves, bean/seed coverings, animal furs and feathers. It is natures protection against the elements. Waxed garments can be regularly reproofed to maintain performance for many years, making them uniquely sustainable. Our waxes are fully biodegradable. 

- halleystevensons.co.uk

A Glimpse at our iconic Halley's Wax Collection...

8oz Sage Waxed Cotton
A true classic. With traditional silk wax finish and country heritage sage green this is a fabric we have been using for over 50 years.

landowner sage wax jacket

4oz Dry Waxed Cotton
With innovative technology, Halley's dry waxed cotton features all the benefits of traditional wax but with a matte, dry finish.
Our most recent dry wax jacket is featured in our ladies Derby Cape.

derby cape

6oz Patterned Waxed Cotton
For many years we have designed with printed waxed cotton, especially timeless tartan checks. From Hunter Check to classic Blackwatch Tartan each patterned wax is complete with a traditional silk wax finish.

hunter check wax jacket



*Photography sourced from John Partridge and halleystevensons.co.uk