For The Love Of Sewing!

National Sewing Machine Day

Today we celebrate our love and passion for all things sewing.

Some of our much loved machines have been with us for over 40 years and still work a treat today. 

With a rather impressive collection of industrial sewing machines at our factory each machinist has their favourite.

Here are just a couple of the models we use on each of our Partridge jackets...

Classic Lockstitch Machines

Our classic lockstitch machines are used for many components of production. Fast, reliable and durable we have a few favourites when it comes to industrial sewing machines...

Waxed cotton is a more specialist material and requires smooth and durable machines. Whenever we sew with waxed cotton we must use specialist needles and coated threads. 

Juki DLN-5410N 

Mitzubishi LT2-2230

Brother DB2-B737-413

A Vintage Must Have

The Reece 101 'The Iron Duke'

As one of the most sought after machines and best button hole machines out there, our Reece 101 has been a part of the team for over 40 years!

With sewing speeds up to 1600 SPM, on average this Reece can produce 3000 Buttonholes in an 8 hour shift!

This automatic, two-thread chain stitch buttonhole machine is for creating  keyhole shaped buttonholes, in garments such as jeans, rainwear, suits, trousers, work-wear and coats etc.

reece 101


The Newbie in town

 MMS Button Fuse Solo

One of the newest additions to our factory is the MMS button fuse wrapping machine. A wonderful modern machine that we use for many of our products including shirts and polos.