How to Style Our Men's Wax Jacket

As we enter the chillier period of the year, many of us are looking to enhance our wardrobes with warmer clothing. The problem? Trying to find something that’ll keep you warm, dry and looking good, all at the same time can prove more challenging than we’d like it to be. 
There’s one item that very much ticks all of those boxes, though — the trusty, time-tested wax jacket; a functional yet stylish wardrobe addition that will have you ready for the autumn months. In this blog, we’ll run through some essential tips for wearing your men’s wax jacket, including when to wear it, getting the right colour and some outfit ideas. 

When to Wear

Rule number one of wearing a classic item: wear it at the right moment! OK, you can play around a little with the standard norms, but if you’re going to break the rules, you’ll need to know them first. 
The wax jacket is perfect for when the temperatures are cold. So, as well as having a great transition piece, going from summer to autumn, this jacket can be worn over layers too in the winter. It is perfectly paired with a wool jumper in the depths of winter. 

Key Detail: The Colour of the Jacket

We’ll run through a selection of outfits that incorporate the wax jacket below. But, first, let’s think about the colour of the jacket. After all, it’s not just the types of clothing items that you put together but the way that you put colours together. If you’re just planning to wear your men’s wax jacket with dark-coloured jeans, then you won’t need to worry too much. 
But if you’re adding other colours into the mix, then it should be a consideration. If you have any doubts, then go for classic blue, sage, or burgundy. If you’re looking for something a bit bolder, then you can always opt for our John Partridge tri-colour wax walking jacket. 

Dark Denim Jeans, Light Sweater

Now, to the outfits. If you’re looking for a casual way to wear your wax jacket, then look no further than that jeans, sweater and jacket combo. This is a classic autumn look and will ensure you’re both kept warm and looking good. You can wear any high-quality jeans, so long as they’re dark in colour. For the sweater, it’s best to keep things light in both weight and colour sense. A beige sweater would be ideal. Add in some boots, and you’ll be good to go.

Boots, Corduroy, Shirt

Looking to make your outfit a bit more outdoorsy? We can’t blame you — after all, this jacket was designed with the outdoors in mind. You don’t necessarily need to be spending your mornings traversing the fells to master the back-to-earth aesthetic, however. 
You can give yourself a touch of country life by investing in good boots, corduroy pants and a rugby-style shirt. It’s simple but effective. In fact, we’d put good money on this becoming your go-to look through autumn and into winter. 

The Urban Look 

The wax jacket was designed with rural life in mind, but as with most popular things, it soon grew to other areas. You’ll find plenty of people wearing wax jackets in cosmopolitan cities, after all. There’s no law that says you can’t wear the rural look just because you’re in the city, but we’d understand if you didn’t want to. Plus, you don’t need to; there are other, city-ready outfits that you can wear instead!
For example, you can wear a wax jacket with trainers, joggers (or jeans) and a hoodie. That’s a pretty fantastic look that’ll certainly appeal to younger wearers. 

Smart Trousers and Jumper

A wax jacket is fundamentally functional — that it looks good is a bonus — and, as such, you’ll likely find that you are wearing, or want to wear, it every day. If you’re a professional, then you can ensure you stay warm while also presenting a professional image by pairing your wax jacket with a suit, or smart trousers, smart shoes, and a jumper.  

Offset Colours

If you’re wearing your wax jacket in a more casual environment and want to make a bit more of an impression with your style, then you can wear the jacket with offset colours. For example, if you have a dark wax jacket, then style it with off-white trousers or tan chinos. It’s a good idea to match your shoes with the colour of the jacket to create a well-thought-out, stylish look. 

A Classic Autumn Look

The outfit we’re about to describe will only work in autumn. Why? Because it’s a classic autumn look. Actually, it’s probably the autumn look. Here goes: grab yourself dark jeans, a grey/brown jumper, and brown boots. Throw that all together with your wax jacket, and you’ll have a pretty satisfactory autumn look! If you want to take things further, you can always pair them with a brown messenger bag and brown sunglasses. 

Play Around! 

Our last piece of advice? Play around with your men’s wax jacket. You’ll soon discover just how versatile the jacket is. So long as you’re pairing it with equally high-quality clothing items, then it’ll likely work. Whether you’re in the city or the countryside, or you’re travelling, you’ll have an outfit that looks very much at home wherever you are. Indeed, that’s part of the enduring appeal of the wax jacket! 

Final Thoughts

As we’ve seen, the men’s wax jacket is much more versatile than many of us thought. And that’s just one of the reasons why it can be such a useful addition to the wardrobe. Whatever look you’re trying to achieve, you’ll find you can do it with your wax jacket! Remember, however, that your outfit will only look great if your wax jacket is great. Here at John Partridge, we offer a great range of men’s wax jackets in a variety of styles. Whatever colour or style you’re looking for, you’ll find it in our online store.