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Introducing the best of traditional re-waxing methods - Mallin & Son 

The business was created by Ryan, when he needed to re-wax his own jacket and realised there was a gap in the market.

Mallin & Son was born with Ryan referencing his son Edward, splitting his surname to create the brand. He started off by walking around Leeds City Centre during lunch hours of his office job, handing out flyers and making friends with people wearing wax jackets and the local independent retailers. He soon started to find a small community of enthusiasts.


After setting up a Facebook page as a base, Ryan spent hours each evening driving around Yorkshire collecting and delivering wax jackets to customers with a pre-covid handshake. 'Old-fashioned' customer service has been the blueprint from day one for Mallin & Son with an ethos on meeting the customer and learning their name. The business soon outgrew the collection service and a new website was introduced, welcoming custom from across the UK.


Wax jackets date back to when the first northern seafarers repurposed their sails to fend off the elements of the harsh seas. A wax jacket is a lifetime investment and if regularly re-waxed and looked after, the garment can easily be passed from generation to generation. With similar company ethoses, and aligning approaches to customer service, as well as an unwavering support UK manufacturing, John Partridge has been happy to recommend Mallin & Son as partner in re-waxing and repair services.

As the Mallin & Son brand has grown, Ryan has been expanding into clothing development. This year we are happy to announce a collaboration on the making of the Landowner Fishtail Parka (FTP). Made from a dry waxed cotton, with a scooped hem and back vent, compete with grown on hood, this is the ideal Spring/Summer jacket from city to country, from terraces to fields.

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Watch the short video interview with the founder Ryan Mallinson.