Our Top Pics This Valentine's Day

Our Top Pics This Valentine's Day 

Valentines Day 2018


Looking for the perfect gift this Valentine's Day. Browse our go to gifts, to spoil that extra special someone. 


1. The memorable fragrance.

Valentines Day is about celebrating time spent together and evoking past memories. Select a scent that will warm their senses and evoke memories for years to come. 



Shop Fragrances: https://www.johnpartridge.com/collections/fragrance


2. The Treasured Keepsake 

Gifting your loved one with a functional keepsake, is a practical and well thought out way off adding a little extra thoughtfulness to their daily routine. A wallet or purse is a gift they can use day in, day out. Adding a cute photo inside will make this great gift even more special. Trust us they will love this one. 


Ladies Leather Purse| John Partridge  

Shop Wallets & Purses: https://www.johnpartridge.com/collections/small-leather-goods


3. The Leather Bag

There is something about receiving a luxury bag, that shows real investment and thought. Ladies know how tricky it is for men to get it right, but it's hard to go wrong with good quality British leather bag. 

 Leather Bags

Shop Leather Bags: https://www.johnpartridge.com/collections/handbags


4. The Wax Jacket 

Given, it's not the most traditional Valentine's Day present, however would you be disappointed with a classic wax jacket this Valentines? No, we didn't think so! 

 Wax Jacket

Shop Wax Jackets For Him: https://www.johnpartridge.com/collections/mens-wax-jackets

Shop Wax Jackets For Her: https://www.johnpartridge.com/collections/womens-wax-jackets




This Valentine's day treat your beloved to an extra special gift on us! Just follow the instructions below on how to enter and you could be in with the chance of winning a matching bag and purse, just in time for Valentine's Day. Competition ends on the 12th February.

How to enter:

Head over to our Facebook: https://business.facebook.com/JohnPartridgeco
-like the post
-like the page
-comment 'be my valentine' (in the comments below)

Winner will be announced on Monday the 12th February.

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