The Landowner Wax Jacket Patch

From fixing holes to high end runways, patches are in and waste is out! So before you decide to demote your favourite coat, why not opt to save it first.
The true beauty of a classic wax jacket, such as the Landowner, is that even with a little wear and tear, this robust and handsome style can be revamped and stylishly patched up for the season ahead.

Depending on your lifestyle, it may be years before your favourite sporting jacket requires that little extra tlc. However, if you are an avid countryman and your Landowner is looking a little rugged, then our Landowner patches will provide you with a simple, yet effective way to keep your trusty coat for a few more seasons.
Adding complimentary patches to neaten up any rips or tears, has been a long standing tradition. In an effort to prolong the life of their favourite hunting jacket, countrymen and sportsmen would add these patches to their Landowners and avoid the need to replace their favourite style.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that patching up your jacket is a poor mans game, even King Charles himself, has been known to patch his most beloved Landowner. If it’s good enough for Royalty then it’s good enough for us.

Prince Charles Gardening Coat - Landowner

The perfect patches can really help to customise your jacket and turn it into something completely unique. They add character, nostalgia and tell great stories about the life of your wardrobe. Sustainable and creative, these little patches are truly mini heroes.

Landowner Patch
New Landowner Patch, Coming Soon...

Paying homage to the humble patch is at the forefront of our latest collection. A new line of Landowner jackets complete with their own patches, no need to wait years to add a little extra character to your coat, we can do it for you. These stylish and unique jackets will be available to order soon.