The secret behind John Partridge Knitwear

What is the secret behind John Partridge Knitwear?

Does our Knitwear come from the deepest darkest Peru? Not really, but the JOHN PARTRIDGE KNITWEAR team, do indeed come from deepest darkest Peru!


British Knitwear 

Introducing the best kept secret in British Knitwear



Adrian and his family produce wonderful hand finished knitwear in our own studio in Staffordshire. Adrian is a hugely respected knitwear specialist, who developed his knowledge of knitting technology at Lima university, before moving to Barcelona where he used his ideas to develop new knitwear designs for the Catalan brand Diktons.


Adrian works with his wife, Eneida, to make John Partridge knitwear the best you can buy. Each piece is carefully made by his family team who have been in England for twelve years.


At the moment they are assisted by Adria, their son, who is taking a year out before going to university to study chemical engineering. Adria is hoping to go to Imperial, London, or Cambridge.


And why is Peru famous for knitwear, as well as one small brown bear?


Adrian tells us it’s the climate and especially the mountains. The climate makes the knitwear softer and more pleasant to touch. The mountains mean that the sheep produce softer wool. We use Peruvian Merino wool, that is spun in Biella in Italy before Adrain knits it in Staffordshire. 
The secret of how Adrian then treats the partly finished garment is the difference between 30 years of fantastic knitwear skills and merely a sweater. Of course we cannot replicate exactly the Peruvian climate, but as Adrian says, we can have a really good go and as he says, the end result is probably the best knitwear you will find anywhere in Europe.



So to Adrian and family we say thank you- and to our customers we say that is what makes John Partridge rather different to other brands.