Top 7 Women's Jackets for Autumn 2022

If you want to look as trendy and as fashionable as possible going in to autumn 2022, then you have come to the right place. In this guide, we will share with you what your top choices at John Partridge are, while also sharing guidance on how to choose the best-fitting jacket for your body shape.

How to Choose a Jacket for your Body Shape

A good jacket or coat should consist of three different elements. It should be stylish, warm, and flattering. Different styles of clothing may come and go, but coats are one of the few clothing items that you can pull out year after year. The best thing that you can do when choosing a coat is to make sure that it suits your body type. Making sure that your coat fits you well is just as important as making sure that your shirt or trousers fit you properly. After all, nothing quite compares to a well-fitted coat, and you would be surprised at what a difference it could make to your outfit overall.

What Body Shape Do You Have?

So, what body shape do you have? And how do you make sure that the coat you are choosing is suited to your needs? Take a look below.


If you have this body shape, then your hips and your bust will be the same size. You will also have a clearly defined waist. With this body shape, then ideally, you will want a structured coat that skims nicely past your curves. If you opt for something too boxy, this will work against your style. Belted coats work wonders here as they help you to define your waist and they also give you the chance to wrap up nice and warm. Make sure that you can find a style that ends just below your hips. If you don’t then you will make your hips appear wider and this will stop you from looking as proportionate. Trench coats are ideal here, along with belted wrap coats.


If you have a pear-shaped body, then your bust and your waist will be narrower than your hips. If possible, you need to look out for styles that accentuate your shoulders. You also want something that will elongate your legs where possible. If you can do this, then you will soon find that it is more than possible for you to draw attention to all of the right places. Avoid shorter styles as they will end above, or at the hips. If possible, opt for something knee-length. Choose a style that has a wide lapel or an interesting collar. Choosing a belted coat will give you the chance to define your waist. A double-breasted coat will work well here as it will add a lot of volume to your torso.

Inverted Triangle

If your shoulders are much broader than your hips, then this will give your torso a much more inverted effect. The balance between your lower and upper body is essential here. You don’t need something that will make your shoulders look bigger than they are, so instead, look out for clean and long lines. Avoid anything with a collar or a lapel. Flared silhouettes are ideal if you want to give the impression that you have curvier hips. A loose open coat will work wonders for you here.


If your body is an apple shape, then your midsection will be the widest part of your body and your legs will be slimmer. If you have this body shape, then try and opt for a bleed coat that flares out. If you can choose something that draws attention away from your waist, then this will work in your favour. Cocoon coats are great here, along with lined bomber jackets. This style will help you to feel much more confident in your body.

Breaking Down The Best Coats for Autumn

If you want to choose the best coat for autumn, then keep reading as this guide will go into some of the best options available so you can feel confident in your buying decision. Remember to use the guide above to help understand your body shape before choosing your coat, as this will assist you with ensuring that you are making a solid choice.

Ladies Landowner Wax Jacket - Dundee Check

This is one of the most iconic jackets on the market right now. The great thing about it is that you have the country shape, and you also have the accented wax cotton design. This is the ideal jacket if you love to go on long walks through the crunchy autumn leaves. The main thing that you need to know about this jacket is that it is weatherproof. This means that you will be protected from the elements without having to compromise your style. The durability of this jacket means you can pull it out time and time again. It comes with bellow pockets that serve both a practical purpose, and hugs your silhouette, so you can showcase a much more feminine look.

Ladies Landowner Tri-Colour Wax Jacket - Forest


This is very 90s inspired but the style has been reinvented to suit the upcoming 2022 season. This jacket comes with three tonal browns, and you also have the traditional waxed cotton look too. This jacket has a very unique style, and you may also see that the neutral waxes help it to look stunning with absolutely any outfit. This jacket will give you the perfect level of shelter from the elements, so it doesn’t matter if you are going for a city walk or a stroll through the country, you can expect to stay warm and comfortable at all times. The finer details that you should take note of with this jacket are that it comes with an interior chest pocket, and it also has hand warmer pockets that have been lined with moleskin. You have a two-way metal zip for practicality too, making this jacket a truly amazing choice.

Ladies Bold Landowner Wax Jacket - Sand


Want something a little brighter? Then this bold jacket is what you should be adding to your basket. It has a bright yellow colour and is lightweight, while still providing ample coziness. It is made out of waxed cotton, and it is designed to be both substantial and classy. As you can expect from a solid waxed jacket, it’s both weather-proof and windproof as well. The finer details sit neatly on the collar, and you also have the partridge pin, which adds to how iconic this jacket truly is. With one inside pocket and two frontal pockets, it’s safe to say that this jacket offers both practicality and style at an affordable price.
It's worth bearing in mind that these ladies Landowners have an oversized style of fit, perfect for wearing multiple layers underneath. Check out the size guide to be sure.  

Derby Unisex Wax Cape - Burnt Sand


This unisex cape is water-resistant, has a grown on hood, and it is also very lightweight too. This is very practical, and it is something you can easily wear when on country walks or when going to the pub. It comes with two hand-warming pockets, and it also gives you a lot of room in terms of freedom of movement. The rain will roll right off this and it is unlined, meaning it’s super lightweight. 

Arena Tweed Blazer - Stone


This is an incredibly stylish tweed blazer, and it is the best addition to your wardrobe. It is suited to everything, whether it is work or play and it is also very sophisticated. It is made out of British wool and the satin lining is nothing short of luxurious. The blazer is designed to be as stylish as possible without sacrificing movement at all.

Newbury Tweed Cape with Fur Collar - Stone


This jacket is a truly fantastic choice for any woman’s wardrobe. It is both classic and timeless, not to mention that the shape is elegant as well. One thing that you should know about the cape is that it has a soft faux collar, and this is detachable, giving you the option to cater your jacket to meet the needs of your outfit at any time. This is ideal for occasions when you may want to dress up or dress down, not to mention that it is ideal for country walks. The cape design has been accented and the classic stone colour is really in for 2022.

Newmarket Hooded Jacket - Navy Wax


The longer length of this jacket is certainly going to keep you warm, even when the colder days hit. The one thing that you need to know about this jacket is that it has a quilted sleeve lining, and it has a black Sherpa body too. It has a very relaxed fit and this means you can pull it in and tailor it as much as you want. If you want to complete the look then you’ll be glad to know that it comes with a Sherpa hood. This is made out of waxed cotton, so you can have a feminine twist on the classic parka.