Meet the Team | Brand Specialist, Verona

This week we would like to introduce you to a very special Partridge Person, Verona. 

Verona has been a part of John Partridge for over 28 years and has seen the brand evolve and adapt. Working across many different areas, Verona has played an important role at John Partridge and we are so happy for our customers learn more about her.


Tell us about your story with John Partridge? 

It’s been a long and interesting journey during my time at John Partridge and I’ve been with the brand for approximately 28 years, with a couple of breaks in between. I first joined the brand after visiting an open day thinking it would be interesting day out - I later left with a job the very same day!

My first role was in customer repairs and re-waxing. We had some wonderful seamstresses that worked their magic to look after each wax jacket (every patch told a story). I also made the little tins of wax that used to be placed in the pocket of the completed jackets. I gained good knowledge of how to care for the jackets as well as meeting such interesting lovely customers that have remained loyal for many years. 

My most recent role with John Partridge was working in the Factory Shop, plus other outlets across Staffordshire. I really enjoyed meeting our customers and helping them. Many of our customers have remained loyal to the brand and have become real friends of ours whom I know very well. Whilst I am now retired, I still have a very close relationship with the team at John Partridge and still enjoy getting involved with the brand when I can. 


What are some of your top memories at John Partridge?

 There have been many great memories of my time at John Partridge. Some of my favourites include, the official opening of the Rugeley Factory by Princess Anne and The Clothes Show with Selina Scott filmed at John Partridge. 

One of my fondest memories is of course the lovely team at John Partridge, past and present. There has always been a close family feel to the brand. Each person brings such dedication to creating a great product for our customers. 

What are some of your all time favourite John Partridge products?

I love my quilted jackets, they are so comfortable and such a classic style with beautiful vibrant colours (I have quite a few)!  

My long wax jacket which was called the Osprey has been a wardrobe staple for me. Many customers may remember this style. 

Also I am very proud of the jackets that feature my name on the inside labels. This is something I love about our jackets, each season they feature people that have been involved in the creation of the jacket and collection. It holds a really special meaning and sense of achievement for each person.


Tell us about yourself outside of John Partridge? 

In my spare time I enjoy walking and I am a keen gardener. I must say I do live something of a Partridge lifestyle even when I am not working. The jackets I have collected over the years have a good place in my everyday outfits whether it's outdoors or at the shops.

I do dabble in a bit of DIY and enjoy setting new projects but they don’t always get finished. I’ve also been a volunteer for St Giles retail shop for 10 years.

How has John Partridge changed through the years?

The concept of good quality materials and timeless classic design is still very true to the brand today. Whilst trend and style has always inspired the brand through the years, we have always created beautiful pieces that last for many years. 

I am very happy that the manufacturing of our jackets still remains in the UK and we are able to support sustainable and ethical fashion. Whilst our factory has moved to different UK locations over the years, current production of the John Partridge collections is in the centre of the UK and just on the outskirts of Staffordshire. 

The brand has expanded in products over the years.  As a brand that was originally know only for country wax jackets, so much has evolved over the years. From knitwear, accessories, outerwear and even dog products the brand has developed to offer more to the modern country person, whether it's in the UK or around the world. 

As John Partridge goes forward I am really looking forward to seeing the new collections, quality fabrics and timeless design. Perhaps I will be making another purchase very soon!

What do you see the core values of John Partridge to be?

Wearing a John Partridge jackets brings to mind - long walks with the dogs, outings with family and friends wrapped up against the elements. A true family brand with quality being equally as important. The brand is all about real life and real people.

May the Partridge Pin fly high for many years to come.