About Us


Where It All Began

1969 was the year that Landowner started making products for farm shops. THese farm shops were much more prosaic than you think. More like building materials yards but for farmers. John Partridge didn`t start trading as JP until the mid 70`s when Landowner and John Landowner Clothing split into two and this created John Partridge. The name was created after a shooting bird- partridge- and a first name to make it sound personal- John.

An Iconic Year

1969 saw a chain of iconic event that shaped the world we live in. With famous events such as the first ever moon landing by Apollo 11. In the music scene, 1969 featured some of the most iconic music festivals to date. Woodstock in the states to the Isle of White Festival in the Uk. What a time to be alive.

1969 Partridge Plays

'Highway 61' - Bob Dylan


Taking Shape

The key was selling to the same outlets as Landowner Fertilizer- farm shops. So the farmers wanted a wax jacket and a quilted jacket and waistcoat. This was the standard farmers look- before it became a Sloane Ranger basic outfit.

Strike Again

Key Events in 1970 include... / womens rights / 1st gay march / strikes / riots / British economy / Queens 25th Jubilee

1975 Partridge Plays

'Slip Kid' - The Who