How To Re-Wax Your Jacket

Add new life to an old jacket with a brush down and a re-wax



To keep your wax jacket looking and performing at it's best, a little maintenance is needed every now and again.

If you are out in all weathers throughout the seasons, a yearly re-waxing is ideal to keep it at its protective best. Here’s our guide on how to easily re-wax your jacket at home, keeping your favourite coat water resistant and in tip-top condition

Step 1Preparation is key

Before you re-wax your jacket, take a clean, dry cloth and give the jacket a good wipe down. Remove any dirt from the outside of the jacket and making sure the pockets are empty, proceed to give the jacket a clean. It's best to use clean cold water and a damp sponge only; cleaning agents and hot water will damage the wax coating permanently, so it is best to avoid using these.

Step 2: Flame on

Warm up the wax in a saucepan filled with boiling hot water. When the wax melts to a liquid consistency it is ready to use (it takes about 15 minutes to melt). Leave the wax standing in the hot water whilst working on your jacket and please take care when near the hot water. Take your coat and lay it flat on a table – a large sturdy kitchen table is best, make sure you protect your table with some cardboard or newspapers. It's also handy to have a spare second sponge to soak up any excess. 

Step 3: Wax on

You're now ready to apply your wax - make sure you use a soft clean sponge or cloth. It’s best to have a couple of spare sponges, including one to clean up any drips and spillages.

Smooth out the jacket with your hand and then work the melted wax into the fabric using a circular motion. Focus on seams and creases as the wax will have worn away more in these areas, try and focus on small areas such as collars, pockets etc first.

It’s worth taking your time and being as careful as possible to apply the wax evenly. This will result in an even colour and better all-over finish. Use your spare sponge to wipe away any excess wax. It can also be handy to have some spare cardboard to put on the inside of the garment as you work, this helps keep the garment in place and makes the process easier. 

Step 4: Time to dry
Hang the jacket up and allow to dry overnight in a dry place, Keep away from surfaces and other fabrics to avoid any wax transfer and your old favourite will be ready for its next outdoor adventure.
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